Ed Sheeran – 24th June 2018.

Happy July!

This blog is going to be about when I went to see Ed Sheeran on Sunday 24th June 2018, in Cardiff.

On Sunday morning, after we got ready, we went to a pub in town, as England were playing then, so we decided to go down there and have some lunch before we go and get the coach to Cardiff. We went into the pub and we ordered food – I had a chicken burger and it was really nice. We watched the England V Panama game and left just before full time. We walked up to the bus station, where we were meant to catch our coach. The coach arrived and we all got on the coach. I was so excited!

We travelled for only about an hour, as Cardiff is pretty close. We met friends there, so they stayed with us for the day. When we parked up, we walked through the gardens and it was so pretty! At about 4pm we went into an Irish bar called Callaghans and it was nice in there. We stayed in there until about 6 – as Jamie Lawson was performing at 6:30. We walked to our gate, which took about 10 minutes. We got there and they did bag searches and body searches, just in case. We actually got into the stadium at about 6:15, so we had time to chill before Jamie came on stage. I like Jamie, but I wasn’t too bothered about seeing him, as I only knew like one of his songs. Jamie came on at 6:30 and sang for around about 45 minutes.

At 7:30, Anne-Marie came on stage and sang her songs, as she was the main supporting act for Ed. Anne-Marie was really good and I like her. I knew a lot of her songs, so I really enjoyed it. She sang songs like Rockabye, 2002, alarm, trigger etc. She sang for an hour, which felt like 10 minutes. I was having so much fun! Anne-Marie sang extremely well, and she seems like a really nice and down-to-earth person. When Anne-Marie finished, we decided to go to the toilet before Ed came on. We were waiting for a good 30 minutes, so we missed the first two songs of his tracklist – Castle On The Hill and Eraser.

When we got back, it was, even more, busier than it was when Anne-Marie was singing. We found the people we were with and we were watching Ed. Ed came on at 8:45. Ed sang songs like Shape Of You, Dive, Perfect, Nancy Mulligan etc. I knew most of Ed’s songs, so I sang along and took like 500 pictures and about 600 videos. Luckily, Ed didn’t stop to go to the toilet like he did the night before, haha. Ed sang for 1 hour and 45 minutes, which was really good because it was really fun.

Ed finished at 10:30, so when he finished, we left to go back to the coach, which took about 15 minutes. When we got back on the coach we couldn’t move for about an hour, as the traffic was so bad! We finally left at about 11:45, and started heading home. The journey home felt so much longer than the journey there. We arrived home at about 1:15am and we were waiting for a lift for about 30 minutes, so we sat outside of the hospital, at a bus stop.

We got home at about 2am, and I was too hyped to sleep. I finally fell asleep at about 2:30.


Thank you for reading this blog (if you got this far without getting bored) as I

know it wasn’t that interesting.

Emily x


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